SpongeBob Burn Treatment

SpongeBob Burn Treatment Game
SpongeBob Burn treatment is an exciting game regarded on our web site, which should be a medical doctor. you'll need ability and attention due to the fact only you'll accomplish your goal efficiently. you'll should help Spongebob to heal due to the fact he had an accident and has intense burns throughout her body. You should extinguish the flames the use of a fire extinguisher. then you should clean it due to the fact SpongeBob continues to be black due to the smoke from the fire. you'll need to use the equipment on the left and right aspect of the display screen. He hung out in smoke so it wishes clean air so we need to positioned a mask on her face. then you definitely should replace his crooked tooth. in this game you need most effective mouse with which you have to fulfill the tasks grade by grade. Even if you do no longer know what to don't worry due to the fact you'll get all of the vital instructions. give us a like in case you enjoyed our game and depart us a comment along with your opinion about being a medical doctor. Also play: SpongeSue