SpongeBob's Pizza Toss

Play SpongeBob's Pizza Toss game
Lets play SpongeBob's Pizza Toss game now, Bikini Bottom is a very crowded city, the city's population loves his city, Spongebob works there as a chef at a famous restaurant in town. Today it is one of the busiest days, residents of the city that many are hungry, they ordered a Krabby patty burger from their home via online, it makes all the waiters at the Krusty Krab restaurant must work harder. When all the orders already wrapped, Spongebob should also help to send all the burgers to customers in their homes, with riding a bicycle, Help Spongebob carry out his work, go with a burger, throw burgers to home windows customers, avoid all the obstacles in the road, do not let your bike bumping into other road users, or your mission will fail, it may be that Mr. Krabs be angry, and Spongebob will lose his job.